Ziptrak® Awnings

Stylish awnings to suit all your outdoor needs

At Lakeview Blinds Awnings & Shutters, we are specialists at manufacturing high quality awnings. We provide Newcastle, Maitland, Hunter Valley, Port Stephens and Central Coast with complete sun protection and shade to suit all your outdoor needs. Awnings add value to your home or business, and we also have contemporary and traditional awning styles to suit your personal taste. Whether it's for adding privacy at home, blocking out heat, for outdoor dining at cafes, restaurants and bars, we stock a range of colours to match your needs.

  • Ziptrak® AwningsZiptrak® AwningsZiptrak® AwningsZiptrak® Awnings
    Ziptrak® AwningsZiptrak® AwningsZiptrak® Awnings

    Ziptrak® Awnings

    Forget zips, ropes, straps and buckles. With Ziptrak® awnings, you just pull down and push up. The easiest way to protect from the elements is a by using a Ziptrak® awning which Lakeview Blinds Awnings & Shutters can provide.

    We use hi-tech quality sunscreen and PVC materials to ensure full sun, rain and UV protection. Ziptrak® awnings have specially designed tracks on both sides of the blind which enables this incredibly easy-to-use operation to be possible. It can stop just about anywhere you want by been locked down in a secure position, and comes with solar, manual or motorised options.

    The taut flat outer surface is perfect for corporate signage, to make a statement to all your businesses across Salamander Bay and Central Coast.

    Not only can Ziptrak® awnings enhance your domestic and commercial properties, they can keep areas warm in winter, and cool and fresh in the summer months.

    Lakeview Blinds, Awnings & Shutters are a Ziptrack® supplier.

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