A guide to replacing your broken shutter blades.

You can buy a Shutter Pin to replace yourself, we have them here at our Warners Bay Showroom and is an easy fix. See below for our step by step instructions and video tutorial.

  1. Begin by taking the shutter blade and marking a pencil line as a guide for proper alignment during installation.
  2. If the pin has snapped off inside the shutter blade, use a drill to remove it.
  3. In the event that the pin is broken within the shutter frame, employ a Stanley blade to pop it out.
  4. Insert pins into each end of the shutter frame.
  5. Attach the shutter blade to the end without the hidden tilt rod first.
  6. Utilise a screwdriver or similar tool to push the remaining pin into the hole, aligning the blade using the previously marked pencil line as a guide.
  7. Test the blade to ensure it moves freely.
  8. If you need to reattach the hidden tilt rod, align the screw hole of the rod with the blade and secure it by drilling in the screw.

TIP: If the tilt rod was still attached to the broken shutter blade at both ends, de attach it from one end before beginning Step 1

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