How to measure your windows for blinds

What is the best way to measure blinds for a quote or our DIY Click and Collect Service? Heres a guide on the best way to measure your window to give us dimensions that will provide you with the most accurate quote as possible. Lakeview Blinds are all custom manufactured to suit your specific windows needs. For the best results measuring up for your blinds, have on hand a steel measuring tape, paper and pencil, and a step ladder for high measurements.

Precison Measuring

  • Decide if your blinds will be inside or outside the window frame.
  • Always use a steel tape measure for accuracy. DO NOT use a cloth tape.
  • Measure and round off to the nearest mm. Check in several places in case the window is not perfectly square.
  • If deductions are necessary, the factory will make the allowances. Do not make these yourself.
  • First, measure WIDTH, write it down. Clearly indicate this measurement is the width.
  • Second, measure DROP, write it down. Clearly indicate this measurement is the length.
  • It is very common to transpose measurements. Always indicate the WIDTH measurement first, then theHEIGHT last. (e.g.. 2150w x 1530d or 2150 x 1530).
  • Remember one very important thing when measuring for an inside mount - Take the ACTUAL WINDOW OPENING SIZE to give to us, our factory will take all the proper allowances for it to fit into that opening.
  • Double check ALL measurements.
what is an inside mount

Inside Mount

Whenever possible, we recommend an inside mount for a more finished appearance. If you have decided on an inside mount, we will need you to provide us with the window opening measurements. A deduction will be made to ensure proper operation and provide enough allowance for the blinds not to rub against the frame.

WIDTH: Measure the EXACT width of the window in three places. Use the narrowest width measurement.

DROP: Measure the EXACT DROP of the window in three places. Use the shortest height measurement.

Window Depth: The space from the windows outer edge to the back of the window (or obstructions such as handles).

what is an outside mount

Outside Mount

Outside mounts will make windows appear bigger and can be used to advantage to hide unattractive windows. The window covering will hang outside the actual window frame, over lapping the window frame enough to cover for maximum privacy and light blockage.

Specify the EXACT WIDTH and EXACT DROP you want the end product to be. Your product will be made exactly as you specify with no deductions.

The normal width is measured to the full extent of the architrave. If you have no architraves - to minimize light gaps and obtain maximum privacy, add 100mm on each side. If you wish add extra length to the drop if blind not to the floor.

Still confused? Watch our tutorial on how to measure your window in preparation for vertical blinds.

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