How much is a measure and quote?

Lakeview Blinds offer a free measure and quote.

How much will my blinds cost?

Everything we make is made to measure to the millimetre so it is difficult to give you a 'square metre rate' or 'piece rate'.

The main determinants of price are fabric and textile finishes and these are grouped from lowest to highest, so a 'group 1' material will be the cheapest.

Our design consultant can give you an exact costing in your home or you can get an approximation at our showroom.

Can I call up to get a price over the phone?

Due to company policy we are not allowed to give the pricing over the phone, but you can come into our Showroom or email us with your measurements and we can obtain a price for you. Or you can request a free measure and quote.

How much for an ‘average-sized window’?

There is no such thing. Windows come in a huge range of sizes. We must have accurate measurements to start with.

What is the procedure for placing an order?

We require 30% deposit to initiate an order. The balance is due three days prior to installation. We accept all major credit cards as well as bank cheque, money order and cash.

We can also take your order over the phone with your credit card or you can mail in your payment. If there are any alterations to the order these will need to be clarified prior to placing the order as it may affect the price.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes we do require a 30% deposit.

When is the balance due?

Three days prior to installation date. We will call you to organise payment and finalise your installation.

When will my blinds be ready?

Each product has a different lead-time however we try and coordinate all products in to one convenient delivery.

In some situations, it may be desirable for you to split the order to obtain some products ahead of others. Your sales agent or showroom consultant will be able to advise you of the lead-times for each product.

Remember to have any existing window coverings down prior to the installation of your new blinds (unless alternative arrangements have been made).

How long does it take to fit new blinds?

Every Product has a different installation time – please be patient with our installers. We do ask you to be home.

Can you repair my blinds?

We can only look at repairing blinds which are ours. That is, we do not repair blinds made or sold by any other company. Also, we do not repair blinds more than 7 years old.

Even in these cases, it is often a more cost-effective option to get new blinds. You may bring the blinds into your nearest showroom, or we can come out to visit you.

What is your warranty?

Our warranties do vary depending on the product, please see our T and C's and our product brochures for more information.

Are your blinds 100% made to measure or are they cut down blinds?

All our blinds and shutters are 100% made to measure and NOT cut downs.

My Shutter blade broke, what can I do?

You can buy a Shutter Pin to replace yourself, we have them here at our Warners Bay Showroom and is an easy fix.

Can my Awnings be left down in the Rain/Wind?

No, Awnings are for Sun and Heat Purposes only.

My Vertical Clip/Carrier is broken, how do I fix it?

Every Vertical manufacturer is different, if the Vertical is Lakeview’s and is 2 years old we can replace it. Simply come into the office to buy the part. If not you can replace the Vertical Track and gain the warranty.

Do you keep stock blinds?

No, everything is made to measure.

Let us help you plan your blinds project with a consultation from your local Lakeview expert.